Statement of the Chairman

of the governing security council

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Your intelligence service declared a state of security emergency for all administratively active persons in accordance with §27 of the 1980 constitution and transferred the powers of the President, the Prime Minister and the entire administration to itself. 

The Prime Minister suspended the Cabinet and resigned herself after having fulfilled her last duty. The President was taken to a safe place where he voluntarily resigned. The RIS High Command pays tribute to former President Scott's work over the past 41 years.

As of now, the business of the government will be conducted entirely by the RIS. Ministers will not be appointed, experts will be consulted at times on individual issues.

All Rhodesians can rest assured that their Rhodesian Intelligence Service will run the world's first transnational country orderly according to the principles of the 1980 emergency legislation. 

The seat of government business will be the RIS operative headquarters in Brazíl. The newly created ministerial locations in Singapore, Frankfurt and in Florida will be downsized to minor diplomatic missions. 

The Government's Press Office was dissolved with immediate effect at midnight GMT and its tasks transferred to the RIS. Those individuals in the Press Office who made grave mistakes in this branch of government will get invitations from the RIS.

All presidential executive orders of the past 12 weeks were already declared null and void. This applies in particular to those concerning the acceleration of the re-naturalization processes.

The RIS public relations officer is available to answer any questions.

Col. B. G. Harper

Chairman of the Governing Security Council

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