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With an Executive Order President Scott helps with fast-track a citizenship process

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(New York City/Frankfurt) The President of the Republic of Rhodesia, James W. Scott has exercised his right under Section 5 of the Rhodesian Citizenship Law to open a fast-track route to Rhodesian citizenship (free of any cost) for citizens of the following countries, due to crises or human rights issues in those states:

- Argentina

- Armenia

- Brazil

- Brunei (with limitations)

- Chile

- India

- Iran

- South Africa 

- Sweden

- United Kingdom

- United States of America

- Venezuela

The second Rhodesian Republic, based on the Declaration of Amsterdam (1980), is the only transnational nation on earth whose citizens live in over 50 host countries. Due to a 40-year agreement with the relevant international organizations, the Rhodesian government has been able to address the world directly only since March 31, 2021.

For more information, please visit the government's official website: www.government-of-rhodesia.org

Media Contact

Government of Rhodesia

United Nations Plz.10017 New York City 

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