First reforms under RIS leadership

Government applauds Security Council for “good decisions”.

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The Government of the Republic of Rhodesia, led by Governor General Harald Mayer-Blumenthal, today adopted and decided on draft resolutions by the Security Council. These include a modernisation of the citizenship law, new educational opportunities for girls as well as young women, but also a modernisation of the general law code.

At the same time, the establishment of two new youth organisations was announced, which will be under the leadership of the government's youth commissioner and advisor, Isaac Six.

Currently, Rhodesian security forces are deployed in three locations around the globe to protect Rhodesian settlements from attacks by extremist groups. 

Last but not least, the extension of fast-track naturalisation has been made easier for certain groups of people, but somewhat more difficult for others, as Rhodesian passports and their underlying citizenship should only be granted to those who genuinely want to be Rhodesian and who fit truly in.

The President of the Republic of Rhodesia, Col. Harper, will not veto the legislation and enact it immediately.

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