Security Breach: Government suspended

RIS has taken over. President resigned after 41 year at a protected place.

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From the desk of suspended Prime Minister Mathilda Born


For forty years, the government-in-exile has worked in enforced shadow and under the most difficult conditions to finally be back for all Rhodesians worldwide, as a truly democratic government for the Diaspora.

However, as of midnight GMT, Rhodesia is already back under the administration of the commanders of the Rhodesian Intelligence Service (RIS). Colonel Harper is now in charge of the affairs of state.

We all have traumas and harbor a healthy distrust. But when compatriots, who should know exactly how fragile peace can be, torpedo the protection of their own countrymen, I wonder why we spent 40 years building something for these people.

Apparently, some fellow citizens do not want to and cannot understand which sacrifices have been made and which dangers threaten those, day after day, who have worked for a united Rhodesia in the diaspora for four decades. 

We had just had the first democratic change of government and solidly established ourselves as a transnational country.

However, apparently, even today, after losing all of its territory, this nation still can do nothing but drag each other down through mistrust and naivety.

I hereby, as provided by the Constitution for emergencies, turn over the affairs of government to the Security Council of the Rhodesian Intelligence Service, suspend the Cabinet, and hope for a return to normalcy sometime in the future.

The President and his family have been taken to a place of safety. He resigned in dismay, effective immediately, after 41 years. 

Mathilda Born

Suspended Prime Minister of the Republic of Rhodesia 

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