Quarterly State of the Nation Speech

The first one of the new government under Mathilda Born

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Mr. President,

Ladies and gentlemen of the delegation of the National Assembly,

my dear Ministers,

It is an honor for me, as the first Prime Minister of Rhodesia who is not a member of the Liberal Party, to deliver the quarterly State of the Nation Address.

Those who know me know that I do not beat around the bush. So yes, it certainly wasn't a happy moment for my predecessor after 25 years in office to hand the government seal over to me. But 50.8% is a majority, and if we want to be a vibrant democracy, there is nothing wrong with sending the Liberals into opposition, even if it will certainly cause the esteemed President many sleepless nights.

Because yes, my government will do many things very differently. We have already begun to do so:

Increasing the size of the Cabinet was important to better meet the desires of our growing nation.

A law to encourage homeschooling in the diaspora, because we do not want Rhodesian children to be educated against our values by socialist of left weirdos.

A more active interference in the internal affairs of those countries with the largest Rhodesian communities. Because for us, §7 of the Constitution is unalterable: "Rhodesia is wherever Rhodesians live."

A move away from a "smile for all" foreign policy to a values-based one under which we let the Rhodesian lions off the leash when injustice is done to Rhodesians. 

Similarly, a move away from managing the affairs of the Diaspora from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Ministry of Home Affairs. For those who are forgetful, I love to repeat it: “Rhodesia is wherever Rhodesians live."

A tripling of the budget and staff of the Rhodesian Intelligence Service to better inform and protect our people.

A resolution prohibiting all Rhodesian administration officials from having contacts with or traveling to Zimbabwe.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Family Affairs was asked to submit a plan to increase the birth rate of Rhodesians in the diaspora to 3 per woman.

The development of a plan to protect our citizens from the international "woke" movement, which has been declared a socialist terrorist organization by decree of the Minister for Law and Order.

In addition, we have had to deal with day-to-day issues such as the failed pandemic policy in the UK or the unrest taking place in South Africa, just to mention two examples.

There is no question, this is a profoundly different course from that of previous cabinets. But that is precisely why we have formed a conservative-reactionary government. Rhodesia is mature enough, 41 years after leaving for the diaspora and one year after the end of the imposed public silence, to cope with such a deeply democratic change.

We will again remember more of the good of territorial Rhodesia and govern in exile in a way that our actions have practical benefits for all Rhodesians.Until green-white-green waves again in Salisbury

Thank you.

Press Office of the Government of Rhodesia    

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