Presidential order: Afghanistan eradicated

For Rhodesia Afghanistan doesn’t exist anymore.

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Rhodesian Press Office

The President of Rhodesia issued an executive order in which he declared that Rhodesia won't consider Afghanistan as a country anymore, but as tribal area with the administrative name "afghanestani territories". Double citizenships Rhodesian/Afghan are outlawed from this day on. People living in the afghanestani territories are not eligible to become a Rhodesian citizen anymore. This also includes citizens or ethnics from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Somalia, the North Sudan, Jemen, Syria, Aserbaidjan, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Tadjikistan the U.A.E. and Turkmenistan, independent where these individuals reside. Those who already have a Rhodesian citizenship and are loyal to the aforementioned countries will lose their Rhodesian citizenship at 00:00 GMT.

Harper, President

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