Update: Suspension of elected government

General Governor appointed as head of administration. 

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Today the Governing Security Council has appointed one of our most devoted, loyal and reliable compatriots Harald Mayer-Blumenthal as Governor General of the Republic of Rhodesia. He will assume the duties of the Prime Minister in accordance with the various sections of Article 27 of the 1980 Constitution. 

The suspension of the government followed an unforgivable failure of the elected government. A minister overlooked a security breach that endangered the very existence of our entire nation. This happened in combination with actions of a mentally deranged persons of the general public.

As the authority responsible for the safety and security of Rhodesia, it was our duty to intervene. President Scott's resignation of his position happened without pressure. The Prime Minister also complied with all orders. Ministers and senior officials were placed under protection and supervision.

The governing security council of the Rhodesian Intelligence Service will not comment publicly on the politics of the day. The governor general has been allowed to assemble an expert cabinet of professionals to maintain orderly government functioning.

Furthermore, as Chairman of the Governing Security Council, I have today signed an Executive Order barring or automatically disqualifying any person, whether Rhodesian-born or an external applicant, from Rhodesian nationality if he or she carried/carries out acts, of whatever gravity, which jeopardize the security of the nation, its representatives and citizens. To this end, the Governor General was instructed to draw up a blacklist of these enemies of the people.

The Chairman of the Governing Security Council.

Colonel B.G. Harper 

Headquarters of the RIS in S.P.

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