Executive order by the President

Latin will be the second official language in Rhodesia

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Rhodesian Press Office

The President of Rhodesia issued an executive order. As of today, Latin is an official written language in Rhodesia. The reason for this decision is to allow citizens who live in South America and southern Europe to understand official announcements more easily. For this purpose a more simple and modified form of the Latin language was designed. However, those who are not familiar with Latin-based languages do not need to worry. English is and will remain the primary language in Rhodesia.

Rhodesian Notitia Muneris

Praeses Rhodesia edita an exsecutiva ordinem. Quod hodie, latine est eunuchorum lingua scriptum in Rhodesia. Cuius ratio est ad patitur cives, qui habitat in America Meridionalis intelligere officialis annuntiationes magis facile. Ad hoc propositum a magis simplex et mutatio forma latina lingua fuit intentio. Omnes, qui familiaritatem non habent cum latinis-substructio linguis, non opus ad solliciti. Anglicus est et manebit prima lingua in Rhodesia.

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