Rhodesian President - Statement

Press release - August 6, 2021

· Rhodesia,President,Prime Minister,moderation

Press release by the Press Secretary of the President of the Republic of Rhodesia

President Col. Harper today informed the Security Council and Cabinet that he is satisfied with the reorganization of the personnel and structure of the administration of the Republic of Rhodesia. The Head of State stressed how much he cares about a reliable policy far from any extremes. "We have successfully removed the fools and those in need of treatment from the leadership of the this country”, the president stressed. He now expects a calm, pragmatic and predictable policy of moderation and thoughtfulness. The goal of territorially consolidating of the Republic of Rhodesia and the guideline of a friendly foreign policy based on Western values are non-negotiable, he told the cabinet. At the same time, the president emphasized how much he cares about always being a protective haven for all Rhodesians.

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