Rhodesia will help South Africans

Fast-track naturalization for Boers, of English descent and Indians.


Immediately after taking office, Prime Minister Mathilda Born made clear that what our constitution says applies in practice: Rhodesia is wherever Rhodesians live. The Prime Minister was very clear in her conversation with me that she insists that we bring this declaration to life even more than it has been in the past. Even though the Prime Minister and I may be from very different political camps, I can only agree with her on this. Especially with regard to what is happening in South Africa: the failure of the so-called Rainbow Nation is all too obvious for us to ignore the decline happening there. Too many Rhodesians live there for us to stand back and leave our compatriots in South Africa unprotected.

I therefore concur with the opinion of the Prime Minister and her Cabinet that we must enact immediate measures. The quickest way to do that, according to our constitution, is through a presidential decree. I have just signed an executive order, which will take effect at 8:00 a.m. GMT time.

This states:

The President of the Republic of Rhodesia issues the following directives with the force of law:

1. All Rhodesian citizens in South Africa shall immediately register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Rhodesian Government so that the Rhodesian Government can use appropriate diplomatic channels in case of emergency or in the event of further escalation of the situation in South Africa.

2. All Boers, British-born and Indian South Africans the Rhodesian Nation will grant fast-track naturalization under Section 2 of the Rhodesian Citizenship Act, so that this increasingly vulnerable segment of the population is given a lobby and appropriate diplomatic protection. 

These Executive Order with two directives will be effective as of Sunday, July 18, 2021 at 08:00h GMT.

James W. Scott

The President of the Republic of Rhodesia

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